When St. Margaret of York was founded, those first parishioners made sacrifices in order to fulfill their need for a Catholic parish in our community. In other words, they went all in. It is now our turn to invest in, and commit to, the future of St. Margaret of York – providing a renewed worship service and invigorated parish experience for our growing community now and in the coming years. To be successful, we need the support of many, not just a few. Just like before, we need SMOY to be “all in.”

Growing in faith.
Growing in the community.

Mass attendance + 11%

Today, SMOY, spiritual home to nearly 2,000 families, continues to form a vibrant and growing community of faith. As our church & school reaches out to an ever-expanding local community, improvements are needed to ensure St. Margaret of York offers better access to our campus and facilities, provides for our future, and maintains a reverent atmosphere to encourage the spiritual journey of all who come our way.


Understanding the need.

Several town hall meetings were conducted, and the planning study gathered information from 137 individuals via in-person interviews and 389 households via online survey.

With a renewed focus on the needs identified by parishioners, here’s the plan: create a new and clearly accessible main entrance, reconfigure the parking lot, expand key storage areas, and finish the basement for expanding ministries. The plan also includes much-needed school renovations, including the addition of a preschool which will double as childcare facilities.

What it will take.

As a result of the information gathered during the study, it was recommended that SMOY immediately move forward with a minimum goal of $3.5 million and a challenge goal of $4.5 million.

New church
Parking lot
Finished basement storage
School &

Going all in.

This campaign is designed to meet the needs of the ever-growing community SMOY serves. But to succeed, it’s going to need the support of many, not just a few. In other words, this campaign needs you. Are you all in?

Get involved call the parish office at 513-697-3100 or email AllIn@SMOY.org

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